Message From The General Manager

Mr Desalegn Wodaje
The Amhara national regional state construction and housing development agency is one of the developmental enterprises of the government agency under the Amhara national regional state of federal democratic republic of Ethiopia. The agency was previously been established as the Amhara national regional state housing development project office in 1998 E.C as per the outgoing provide proclamation NO29/2002 to undertake the construction of the house and their by worked towards the alleviation of the housing storages, to create employment opportunity and to change the existing images of urban center, prevailing in the cities of the national region with the direct support of government. Due to its necessity to create a favorable condition in which the office might be able to provide with a formidable contribution for the social and economical development of the region, having engaged itself permanently building small and medium-scale housing units and there in the construction sector their of, in addition to the mission of executive duty of integrated housing development program that was temporarily vested in its, and the labels of the 5 years term of the project has those expired, it is appropriate to issue a complete legal framework and to get its implementation where by this development institution that would be newly organized, to avail the required input for the constructions built in the region by it self-sufficiently producing various input and manufacturing output to be used for construction in the region or to cause the production of such construction materials be other producers, those agro stone technology scale up centers, gravel producing crashers and other construction technologies, and quality inspecting institutions which have to be managed in the integrated command, The agency is leading by the executive board, general manager and vice general manager and other operation heads and support employees. Besides it has established in three branches office (Dessie, Bahir Dar and Gondar) and accomplished its ongoing duties and responsibilities. Therefore the agency needs to excel at both construction services and enforcement to meets its missions, to successes; it should support this to by investing in the people and technologies. Those developments of AMCHDA website is considered and addition to this endeavor which shall contribute to the staff developed their professional carrier by surfing world wide net and service to customers and partners as a medium of information exchange. Thanks ---------------------------Dessalegn Wedage----------------------------------